Online registration (ENG)

Assistance HR Partners A/S

Quick and easy

As an Assistance temp, you register your time sheets directly on the internet using our online registration system, which you find here:

Register hours

The benefits for you are significant:


  • You will not have to fill in the usual amount of manual time sheets
  • You will not have to obtain the client’s signature
  • You will not have to hand in your time sheets via conventional mail
  • You will save money for envelopes and postage, if you currently are handing in via the conventional mail system
  • You will save time. Entering your timesheet data means handing them in as well.


Your contact persons at clients have been informed. All you need to tell them is that your time sheet will be forwarded for approval by e-mail. You time sheets will be subject to weekly registration – no later than Sundays and, preferably, as soon as possible after either the termination of the individual temp work or after the last workday of the week.


Please read our Guidelines, which you will receive by e-mail, about how to access the system and how to use it. You can also access the guide if you click HERE.

If you need further information, please contact us at