Paper timesheets (ENG)

Assistance HR Partners A/S

At Assistance it is our intension that your timesheet registration will be carried out directly into our web based time registration system. You can learn more about this function here.


If you do not have access to the internet on a regular basis, you can use our paper timesheets, which you can get by writing us here.


We shall receive your timesheets every week – Monday at the latest.


Please remember to fill in all the blanks carefully and legibly and make sure to obtain the client’s signature. A timesheet will be linked to the specific job; and, thus, the more jobs your carry out in a week, the greater the number of timesheets. You can easily have more than one timesheet within the same week. Please note that when you separate a timesheet form set, the original (the cover page) will be the one you send to Assistance.


Please send you paper timesheets to the address below:


Assistance HR Partners A/S
Lindevangs Allé 3
DK-2000 Frederiksberg


Please note that timesheets forwarded via normal mail must be sent Friday afternoon/evening in order to reach us by Monday morning.


You can also send your timesheets to: Please note that you must remember to check the scanned timesheets prior of forwarding them via mail. They must be absolutely legible. We also accept scanned pdf-format timesheets.


Paper timesheets sent by fax to: +45 88 18 51 02.